Buying your first home is most exciting, yet it also can be confusing. There are many moving parts involved and many decisions to be made. Here are a few tips to consider to help you get started on the right track.

  1. Begin with a great lender. Often the thought is to start searching homes, but beginning with the lender is the wisest first step. A lender will help guide you through the lending process and help you to become educated on the many options for First time Homebuyers – there are many perks available with one of them being lower down payments. A lender will also define the costs involved, your future monthly payments and the purchase price you will want to focus on.

As realtors, we have the opportunity to work with many lenders and learn first hand how they work with clients and handle the transaction to make it a smooth process. We have great lenders to recommend for our clients.

2. Begin to consider your future in the home and how your life will look living there.

  • Who will live there now, in the future and who will visit?
  • What is important about location? Do you want to be close to work, shopping, schools,parks etc.
  • Do you want to focus on a move in ready home or are you willing to take on projects? WIll you have the time and money?
  • What do you want to see when you look out the window? Neighbors, trees, skyline, swingsets?
  • How will you spend your time in the home? Working, entertaining, relaxing, focusing on hobbies, exercising?
  • How much storage will you need?
  • It is a great idea to drive through a neighborhood you are considering at different times of the day. You will get a feel of the life around the home. Does it appear active with neighbors out and about? Are there pets? Children? Does it have a calm peaceful feel? Where is the closest coffee shop? What will the traffic look like on your way to work?

3. Get set up on our Client Gateway. It is a fabulous tool which will send you available homes that meet your search criteria within minutes of them being listed for sale. It is the most up to date information, and allows you to keep a file of homes you are interested in. Client Gateway is a great time saver, since it is the most accurate information about the availability of homes.

4. Now it’s time to set up showings and narrow in on the right home for you. We will work with you to evaluate the market and make an offer. We have great resources for inspections and contractors. Then you look forward to the loan process completing and working with the title company for closing.

The Janszen teams looks forward to working with you from start to closing and beyond!

By, Connie Farabaugh