We’ve all heard the phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover,” well thatsame adage holds true when shopping for a home. While the buyer hasa whole list of things to focus on during the search process – price,location, size and updates – they can count on a qualified homeinspector to do a thorough inspection from roof to basement touncover any costly repairs that the buyer may not have noticed duringthe showing and negotiation processes.

But first things first, who do you call to handle your home inspection?You can certainly find a home inspector of your choice online, but besure to find out how long they’ve been in business, are they be able todo a termite inspection, how about a radon inspection? Are thereservices they contract out? In other words, do your homework beforeyou hire a home inspector. It’s almost a given that the Realtor thathelped you find your new house has a few names and numbers theykeep close on hand to refer to their homebuyer clients. Realtors workwith many home inspectors, and know who will do a thoroughinspection and provide timely detailed reports; take advantage of ourknowledge and expertise – we’re here to help!

Once you have selected a home inspector, it is strongly recommendedthat you attend the home inspection as well. The home inspector canshow you how that new fancy thermostat works, where your mainwater shutoff is, and other useful information. If they do come acrossany issues or potential problems, you will be able to see and discussthem first-hand to determine if the issue is a deal-breaker, somethingyou might want to ask the seller to remedy, or something you want tohandle yourself after closing.

Check back next month for more detailed information on the homeinspection!

By, Alison O’Keefe